Waterinfo.fi – precise and up-to-date water information now also in English

Foto: Vesi.fi

The Finnish Environment Institute has published an English version of its vesi.fi web service called waterinfo.fi. It contains plenty of general information on water, latest snapshots of the hydrological situation and a versatile map service on water issues. The service keeps English-speaking users up to date on what is happening in water issues in Finland.

Waterinfo.fi is intended for all those interested in water issues. It provides water-related information visualised with images and maps as well as in the form of articles, bulletins and news. Visit the service to find out about the water situation in different parts of Finland, the status of Finnish lakes and much more.

This service implemented together with professionals of the field and service users relies on information produced by authorities and scientists. The purpose of the English service is to offer accessible information and a good user experience also for English-speaking users.

Content for the service is produced not only by the Finnish Environment Institute but also such stakeholders as the regional Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Ministry of the Environment. The service is funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Interesting water information in a nutshell

In the Water information section of the English service, you will find useful and interesting information on water resources and phenomena associated with water. It contains almost 140 short articles that are quick and easy to read and absorb. Grouped by their themes, these articles offer easily digestible basic information.

In addition, the thematic pages of the website contain larger sets of information that discuss each theme more extensively and from different perspectives. The largest theme addresses Finnish water solutions and expertise. It introduces solutions and services developed by around sixty companies that operate in the water sector, and presents information on research and education in this field.

Readers are additionally served by a water glossary of almost 400 specialist terms with simple explanations.

Water footprint calculator and map service

The waterinformation.fi service contains a water footprint calculator in which you can estimate your personal water consumption and compare it to other Finnish people’s results. The calculator also helps you identify factors that affect the size of your water footprint.

The versatile map service presents information about 25 different themes on maps. For example, you can check the snow load in your area or the algae situation in your local waters in summer. Other themes of the maps include groundwater levels, nutrient pollution into waters and water temperature.


Text: Vesi.fi